Other Professional Success

Your choice of software or line of business application doesn’t matter to us. We’ve seen them all–the good, the bad and the ugly. We know you just want it to all work together and that’s what we’re here to do.


Kathy M, New Jersey

Fitness & Wellness

“Will has always provided fantastic service. He is pleasant and friendly and eager to make sure that all of our users are happy and satisfied. He is a pleasure to work with.”


Christian A, New Jersey

Creative Marketing Alliance

“It has been a pleasure to work with Domain and their staff over the past couple weeks. Matthew came in addressed the situation immediately and once resolved asked if there were any other issues prior to him leaving, unbelievably great service.”


LeeAnn B, New York

Special Materials Company

“Domain has been our IT provider since 2007/2008 and we have no plans of changing any time soon. Not only do we get timely and reliable service all the time but Domain has become part of our company. Meaning they understand our processes and our people and that aids in understanding our needs. That is what truly makes a 3rd party IT provider irreplaceable. The combination of real IT “know how” and solutions coupled with the human touch is definitely worth the cost. The formula Domain is great at executing is: Talented IT person being able to resolve and communicate the issues to the end users equals happy end users.”


A. Green, New York

Yellowstone Properties

“My call was returned within 15 minutes of asking for help. Manny set me up, stayed on the phone for a test and didn’t drop off until confirming my PW was in place.”

Success Story

The Company

A marketing firm dealing with branding, app development, graphic design, and marketing events for agencies. Not only does this firm help other companies build their brands and expand their reach into their specific market, but they also help these companies create incentive and recognition programs for internal staff to inspire and reward their teams’ hard work.

The Problem

Working with such a varied group of outside companies, banks, vendors and clientele, the marketing firm wanted a third party review of their security posture to ensure they were compliant with all government security regulations relevant to them and the entities they do business with. Additionally, they needed guidance in developing templates and internal guides to help them systematize their processes and keep their security posture in check.

The Solution

By hiring Domain as their IT partner, we were able to help this firm create a strategy to stay on top of ever-changing compliance requirements (such as GDPR and NYDFS) to prevent them from falling behind and risk being fined.

Armed with a refined tasks itinerary developed with Domain, our CISO and vCIO meet regularly with the firm’s executive team to ensure that the policies and processes surrounding their IT are up-to-date with the latest in compliance trends, as well as seamlessly integrated with their business’s daily operations.