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Our people, our process, and our reputation are what separate us from other IT support providers. We don’t just provide IT solutions, we become a part of your team. We want to see you succeed. And that’s what keeps people coming back to Domain.

If you value proactive IT solutions designed specifically for your business, then you've come to the right place, no matter the industry. Information technology is what powers your operations so don't settle for mediocre IT support. We don't believe in generic IT support and neither should you.

It’s a proven fact that businesses that consistently invest in information technology outperform their competition. We are proud to service businesses throughout the New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia metro area.
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The Story of Domain Computer Services

Rashaad Bajwa always assumed he would graduate from college and head to law school; a fairly common path for many gifted collegiates. However, a fortuitous speeding ticket changed the course of his fate. At the time, Michelle Yan (now his wife, Michelle Yan Bajwa) was interning for a law firm, where Bajwa would occasionally pick her up from work. In time, the firm caught wind that he had a knack for IT. When a lawyer offered to get him out of the ticket in exchange for IT assistance, Bajwa delivered – setting up a one-modem proxy server to get the firm online.

Bajwa’s first unofficial client was so enthralled with the new networking capabilities that they started recommending him to other law firms. By the time his speeding ticket went to court in 1997, the prosecutor was his client too. Instead of paying the ticket, Bajwa started building a business. Law school was off the table. Domain Computer Services was born.

In the last 21 years, Domain has grown from a one man shop to a full-fledged IT company. Such growth has come through tireless efforts to build and maintain an impeccable reputation of providing intelligent, quality IT support. Though technology is always changing, Domain’s distinctive style of customer service never fails. We are more than just your technology provider – we are an extension of your team. We make IT right.

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