IT Environment

Everything from assessments and migrations to cloud, on-premise, or even hybrid solutions for your business needs.

Where Your Business Technology Lives

Data is the backbone of your business and determining where it lives is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business. It can live in the cloud or on a physical server – or both. We’re here to tell you that there is no perfect solution (and anyone who tells you there is one is selling you something), but we’ll help you find the best of both worlds for your business. We have our own hybrid solution and most of our clients do as well.


Determining the best solution for your business requires an assessment of your current business continuity plan, the scalability of your business, and cost management.

You may not want to spend $50,000 on infrastructure upfront. You may need to be able to scale quickly. You may require very strict security protocols. These are just a few of the needs we’ll take into consideration when evaluating the best technology solution for your business. No matter what you’ll end up with the most cost-effective and intelligent solution to fit your business needs.

Transitions: Seamless and Simplified.

After we decide together the best network solution for your team, we’ll help you prepare for the migration. Our team of experts are here for one reason: to make the migration as seamless and simplified as possible. No matter how complex your current setup, we’ll help you think through the complexity and pitfalls inherent with migrations. And then we’ll take care of everything.

Cloud Solutions

Living in the cloud does not mean that your data is instantly secure and reliably available. Without comprehensive cloud management, your data is susceptible to security threats, data loss and costly downtime. Whether your team needs a multi-tenant, dedicated, or private cloud environment, managing and administering these cloud operations requires technical expertise. We offer extensive client-focused support for your cloud business environment including 24/7/365 oversight and management of your cloud platforms, security, network operations and data processing needs.

On-Premise Solutions

If your business has invested in physical infrastructure, you already know that maintaining and optimizing it requires expertise and diligence. Inadequate or improper server management can lead to costly. Every time your server goes down—even for a few minutes, lost customers and recurrent downtime can spell disaster for your team.

And because your entire business relies on that infrastructure, you need to guarantee your systems are consistently strong and reliable. We design and build your network to guarantee success and then provide the people and tools necessary to manage, maintain and monitor it 24/7/365.

Hybrid Solutions

As your business evolves, you may find a shift to virtualized hybrid and cloud environments, which are highly efficient but also highly complex. An oversight or misinterpretation can easily lead to conflicts, wasted resources or gaps. For instance, performance issues which appear to be storage problems can be related to network or hosting challenges. With hybrid solutions, you can safeguard the performance and availability of your physical IT infrastructure while maintaining integrity and security. With the cloud, you can leverage new technologies to optimize efficiencies and remain scalable. Meanwhile our patch management and anti-virus protection ensures the safety of your data.

Our experienced engineers and advanced systems work together to optimize your network performance and support your business, no matter where your data lives.