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Handling the money – and futures – of people in our community is your job. Every day, your company meets with clients to advise them on their savings, retirement, insurances, investments, and estates. They trust you. But who do you trust to keep their confidential information safe on your network?

Are you still relying on a local “computer fix-it guy”? Have you overburdened a staff member with trying to figure out the ever-evolving world of business technology and cyber security? It’s time to make a change. It’s time to have a talk with our cyber security experts.

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We understand how to customize financial IT services for you.
So you can rest assured that your environment is secure, compliant, and well cared for.
We provide expert, high-level CISO security consulting as a monthly subscription service for the fraction of the cost of hiring your own CISO.
With our Complete Package, you receive unlimited service desk in your all-inclusive monthly fee, making it easy to maintain control over your budget while providing all of the IT management you need.

Case Study

The Company

A hedge fund financial services firm specializing in building long-term relationships between alternative investment offerings and institutional investors, with an impressive 25+ year history of forging successful funds.

This firm focuses exclusively on raising assets from the institutional investment community, including endowments, foundations, banks, insurance companies, consultants and others.

The Problem

Long-standing businesses have reputations to maintain. A big part of doing so involves maintaining a highly effective working environment for staff to engage with clients in a timely and meaningful way.
Such output requires employment of a high-level strategic partner with a thorough understanding of their daily cyber security and compliance requirements, which were being largely ignored by their outsourced IT partner.

The Solution

By hiring Domain as their new IT partner, we were able to help this firm create a strategy to stay on top of the ever-changing compliance requirements (such as GDPR and NYDFS) to prevent them from falling behind and risking being fined.

Armed with a refined tasks itinerary developed with Domain, our CISO and vCIO meet regularly with the firm’s executive team to ensure that the network and processes surrounding their IT are up-to-date with the latest in compliance trends, as well as seamlessly integrated with their business’s daily operations.

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