Discussions by Domain: Personal Branding

Sep 10, 2019

“You’re constantly marketing yourself.”

Brianna Hellrigel is a Digital Marketing Specialist here at Domain Computer Services. Brianna works with clients to effectively and efficiently redesign their websites based on branding, company vision, and digital marketing trends. In her interview, she explains how companies can build trust through marketing and why personal branding is important. 

Build trust through marketing

Build trust through marketing

Brianna: “At Domain, we want to cultivate Domain’s online reputation through digital marketing. So people can see why we’re different from the competition, why they should trust us. As soon as I look up a brand, I judge them first base on their website. Like judging a book by its cover. If you have a website that looks like it’s from the early 2000s, it shows me that you don’t really care about how you look to the online world, because you’re not trying to get involved in digital marketing, which is rapidly growing.”

Brianna: “Besides the website, I also just look for the face of the company. What are their values? It’s just little things that give a brand more value and an authentic brand.”

Brianna: “When you really see the the face and the story behind a company, you’re more inclined to buy from them. For Domain, we’re a local New Jersey business and that really drives people home that want to work with us. They know our team becomes a part of their team because we have a great office culture. Marketing that to the world through our website and through social media builds our authentic brand.”


Develop your personal brand

Develop your personal brand

Brianna: “Every person in the world has their personal brand. You’re constantly marketing yourself. An example of this would just be a when you apply for a job, the first thing that people are probably going to do after looking at your resume, is Google you. So what comes up? It’s interesting because some people really aren’t concerned about their online presence.”

Brianna: “If you want to market yourself online, you have to go all in. If you don’t want it, don’t have anything because it could hurt you in the end. For example, say your resume is really great and you have a LinkedIn profile but you haven’t updated it in awhile. Some employers might say, ‘Why is there this inconsistency? Can we trust them? Why didn’t they update their LinkedIn with this great resume?”

Brianna: “Building your own personal brand helps you showcase why you’re different. Why are you appealing to an employer? What’s your value? What can you offer them? At the end of the day, everybody is skilled in Microsoft Word. A lot of people know how to use Adobe. People have website experience, but why you? What’s your special talent? Telling your story through social media can be really beneficial if you’re doing it the right way and for your own reasons.” 

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