Domain Cybersecurity™ 

Cybercrime obstructs organizations worldwide. It’s no longer just your IT problem – it’s the biggest threat to your organization’s reputation, data and business continuity. There’s no one solution that will guarantee protection. That’s why ours has layers.

Every business needs effective cybersecurity.

With Domain, a proactive defense increases your organization’s protection and resilience against threats. It lets you react faster to potential attacks and identify and remediate the gaps.

Where do you stand in the cyber security matrix? In an evolving landscape where the perimeter is nearly non-existent, adopting a proactive cyber security approach is key to your organization regaining control. Doing so will stop attacks dead in their tracks.

With Domain, implementing a strategy built on proactive network security not only provides the best defense, it also gives you the most cost-effective way to carry out cyber security. Proactive cyber security is a better way to manage your operations and make cyber-attacks less costly for you and costlier for attackers.

Partner with us to discover risk before risk finds you.

Domain Cybersecurity™ Core

Everyday your business is at risk of cyber-attacks, malware infection, and ransomware. Employ a multitude of steps and layers to ensure your business is safe and continually evaluate for vulnerabilities to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your business needs more than just a firewall to prepare your business for the worst.

Firewall Management

Secure your business data with intelligent next-gen firewalls and real-time monitoring.

Patching & Monitoring

Ignoring that “update and reboot computer” notification threatens the safety of your network more than you probably realize. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

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Domain Cybersecurity™ Layers

The more layers the better! Here at Domain we live and breathe cybersecurity so it is fully integrated into Domain Complete IT. Our number one mission is to protect your business and we know there is no silver bullet. It takes multiple layers of security to ensure you are safe every single day.


Internet Content Filtering

Real-time monitoring the network for unusual activity and threats

Network Antivirus and Antimalware

First line of defense against virus and malware threats

Antispam Email Filter

Scans and blocks emails that are suspicious

Multifactor Authentication

Requires two forms of authentication to log into accounts

Vulnerability Scans

Software that tests the environment for possible entry points

Penetration Tests

Ethical hacking to test the environment for possible entry points

Network Policies

Managing administrative rights, passwords, permissions, lockouts, etc.

Security Awareness Training

Training users to identify threats

Dark Web Scans

Monitor your passwords on the dark web.

Domain IT Gap Analysis™

Complete technology analysis report and a plan of action.

Detection & Response Services

Industry-leading technology and expertise to fight for you.

Security Information & Event Management

Defend your organization by precisely pinpointing threats in real-time.

IT Policy Creation Assessment & Management

Compliance that doesn’t fall short. Regulations are constantly changing- don’t get behind.

Compliance Consulting

Don’t risk your business’s compliance to ever-changing regulations.

Success Story

The Company

Established in 2000, this legal firm specializes in environmental and property development law in New Jersey and its neighboring states.

They sport a dynamic and results-oriented litigation practice, leveraging talent and technology while adhering to a cost-effective strategy to save their clients time, money and stress.

The Problem

One word: cryptolocker.

The practice was hit unexpectedly by a vicious cyber-attack, leaving them with few to no options of recovering their data. Unfortunately, having not yet employed a partner in cybersecurity or technology, the firm lost a massive amount of company and client information. Immediately after the hit, they made the critical decision to contact Domain for help strengthening their cybersecurity posture.

The Solution

Though the firm was unfortunately without our help during their major cryptolocker attack, Domain has done its job in ensuring such an attack has never succeeded on their network again. Implementing our cybersecurity measures has not only provided the firm with top-of-the-line next-generation firewall and antivirus software on top of website and email threat filtering, but we were able to establish a reliable backup disaster recovery solution to ensure that, if something goes awry, they won’t be risking another total loss of data.