Business phone systems are still a primary form of communication in an office.
Revolutionize how your office communicates with our unique features.

  • Inter-office
    chat features
  • Crystal clear calling
  • Convenient & secure

Managing calls & messages has never been more convenient.

No matter where you do business, effective communication is the key to success. With your business circle constantly expanding and employees working from multiple locations, you need reliable means of staying connected to effectively collaborate with clients, co-workers, and vendors. We have the solution: fully integrated phone systems.

Telephone control panels on each computer (see right) and sophisticated location based forwarding rules (see below) are just a sample of the features that set our phone systems apart from the rest.

Business Phone Systems VOIP PBX Domain Computer Services

Business Phone Systems VOIP PBX Domain Computer Services

Business phone systems with innovative features:


    A cutting edge on-screen telephone control panel installed on workstation computers. It allows users to view who is on the phone and with whom they are speaking, drag and drop call transfers, inter-office instant messaging, and much more.


    Manage your phone system from any web browser anytime including call forwarding, answering calls from a softphone on your computer, and managing voicemails.


    Automatically direct calls to specific departments, users, a general mailbox, or an after-hours greeting, among other options.


    Check messages from your computer or smartphone by forwarding messages to your email address.


    Far more than simple call forwarding, it locates you only if you are away from your desk and will try as many numbers or extensions as you want before sending a call to voicemail.

Flexible Phone Systems and Services

We also offer complete flexibility in the types of systems and services. Our phone systems are open standard systems that work with any type of service, whether on-premise or hosted. You can bring your own service or we will provide you with cost-effective options. You can lease, rent, or pay up front. When we say we provide complete flexibility, we meant it. We will find what works best for your business.

Most importantly, we provide and advise built-in connection redundancy and call continuity to ensure your system works even when one connection or service fails. So whether you are looking to upgrade your system or improve your service continuity, we have an option for you. Maximize your IT investment with a phone system that addresses your unique needs.

For Business Phone Systems that will make communication a breeze,
contact our sales team at or call (888) 330-8808.

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