New Year, New Tech

New Year, New Tech

Top 3 Business Technology & Strategy Trends of 2018

Gear up, tech heads

The New Year is bringing a ton of new technology trends for us to deep-dive into. Not only will we be getting a plethora of new tech toys ranging from phones to drones to smart homes, but a number of digital business strategy trends are also beginning to gain traction. We’ve picked out three of the top 2018 trends in business technology and strategy that stood out to us the most, and can potentially make your business stand out too.

AI and Automation

Automation has more than left its mark along nearly every industry, providing us with self-parking cars, time scheduled coffee pots, and those ever-present sales emails that never seem to end. Aside from the product end of things, however, artificial intelligence and automation are steadily seeping into business tech strategies as well. AI has the potential to boost a business’s effectiveness in all sections from customer service to marketing and analytics, allowing companies to connect with their customers in new, faster ways, including via automated emails, content, and even manufacturing. According to a study performed by Gartner, nearly 60% of businesses have already begun taking steps in building or implementing their AI strategies.

Digital Twins

In essence, a digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world object, and is linked to that object via Internet, Bluetooth, or similar means. It allows you to monitor how the object is functioning, can show you if a specific part of the object is damaged or malfunctioning, and can even allow you to fix, optimize, or use the object from the device on which you view the object’s digital twin. This could potentially save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars on tech repairs and maintenance, as they would be able to see exactly where the issue in their system or product lies and spend less time and money resolving it.

Remote Work

According to a study performed by Gallup, 43% of United States employees work, in some amount, remotely. Flexible work options are a huge factor in whether your employees decide to stick with you or search for employment elsewhere, as many people have reported being more productive at home rather than an office environment. Working remotely allows employees to remain close with their families while staying connected to their jobs at the same time, which ultimately can decrease stress and boost an employee’s satisfaction with their job. Given the opportunity and the tech equipment they need, offering your employees the option to work remotely may very well boost the overall morale and productivity within your company.

“ Working remotely can decrease stress and boost employee satisfaction.”

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Keeping your business tech up-to-date is imperative for your success, especially with how quickly technology is advancing. Lagging behind in technological advancement can easily put you at a disadvantage in relation to your competitors, making it an item that should be high on your to-do list. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog for more informative articles to help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends in business technology — it’s all the rage!

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