Here at Domain we firmly believe that our employees are the most important asset we have. We look to hire the most technically exceptional AND the most helpful folks in the industry.

Why Domain Computer Services?

Technology is only as good as the people who manage it.

We firmly believe in spoiling our clients. And that can only happen with hiring the very best staff in the industry. Our people are technically exceptional, but more importantly – built to the core to wow our clients and coworkers as to how helpful we can be. If this is the sort of culture you look for in an organization, we want you as a part of our team. Cutting-edge technology, electric company cars, flexible office space, Friday lunches, Thursday happy hours, amazing team members, and tons of opportunity for growth are some of the perks our rockstars enjoy. Sweating the small stuff; obsessing about your reputation; teamwork; attention to detail; professionalism; personable, excellent communications; not weird; GIVING; smart and awesome is what we look for in return.

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Domain’s Core Values

This is why we are IT rock stars!

Culture is key. Here at Domain Computer Services we understand that the culture of the company directly correlates to the quality of service we provide. If our staff doesn’t feel the love, neither do our clients. So we are all about building our staff up so that our clients get the quality of service they deserve from people who know what they are talking about. And we grow as a business!

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that we deliver great service and provide the expertise our clients need to succeed. Our wheels are always turning, figuring out the best way to serve our clients and grow Domain Computer Services. We’re all about being proactive – from building our team to repairing computers and network support. We know what it takes.

  • Make IT Right

  • Esprit De Corp

  • Attention To Detail

  • Never Stop Learning

  • Empathy/ Respect/ Accountability/ Integrity

  • Excellence – Exceeding Expectations

Best Business Tech IT Solutions Provider NJ NY

Here’s how we build our team.



    We are intentional about spending time as a group doing activities that establish trust between each other. And we have fun while doing it— team lunches, ping pong, basketball, fitness challenges, and more. So when the going gets tough and our reputation is on the line, our team is strong, cohesive and ready to do whatever it takes.


    Everybody likes to be an expert in something, right? We are always encouraging our engineers to develop their skills. It’s a win-win. You are challenged to grow and advance your career and we get IT people who are trained in the latest technologies.


    We perfect our processes through constant feedback and communication with our team. We cannot afford to be stagnant in an industry that is rapidly changing. We are always striving to be cutting edge so that we can provide access to the most relevant IT services available.


    Building strong, practical leadership in every team member means better service for our clients and happier employees. Plain and simple. We want our team to own it.

Best Business Tech IT Solutions Provider NJ NYBest Business IT Tech Solutions Provider NJ NY

Best Business Tech IT Solutions Provider NJ NY

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