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What is a Virtual CIO or vCIO?

Virtual CIO: Salesperson vs Trusted Technology Adviser

Mistakes are made on a daily basis when running a business, whether you like to admit it or not. Making mistakes in the IT field can be costly and sometimes will even put you out of business. Neglecting your IT security, making the wrong decision to cloud or not to cloud, choosing a phone provider to find out they are going bankrupt in a month, or simply not staying on top of your own systems are just a few mistakes you could make.

Virtual CIO vCIO Outsourced Chief Information Officer

If you are an owner or partner in a small to medium-sized business, you face many other responsibilities and challenges daily. Keeping up with today’s technology advances is just one of those many challenges. Many resources are needed to stay ahead of the technology curve. Large companies have entire IT departments with a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and possibly a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as well that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, most if not all SMB’s (small to medium sized businesses) have tight budgets. We know there is no way you can afford a full time CIO to provide the advice you need in the Information Technology space. Yet without one, you can’t make informed technology decisions, let alone use technology to drive your business into the 21st century.

Some SMBs avoid the issue entirely and just drift from one IT crisis to the next. Others rely on technology sales staff to provide them with direction, leaving them at the mercy of that month’s promotions. And some SMBs decide to mitigate the issue by picking someone on their staff to wear an IT hat that they shouldn’t be wearing.

None of these solutions allows you to realize the full potential of technology in your work environment.

Luckily, you do not have to bring in a full time CIO to get access to a high-level technologist in your SMB. Instead, consider leveraging the services of an outsourced CIO, or virtual CIO (vCIO). A vCIO will provide all the advice and services that you need for your business at a much lower cost. This resource is critical for success in today’s technology-driven world and we know that here at Domain. Our virtual CIO services cover all of the following below..

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Project Research and Execution
  • Budget Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Annual Technology Plans
  • Reviewing previous tickets
  • Preparing you for technology changes

Domain’s vCIO services are a key differentiator in how we provide our clients IT support. In many IT companies, the vCIO is nothing more than a glorified salesperson. IT providers do this simply because CIO-level engineers cost serious money and good ones are difficult to find. A true vCIO is not just a network engineer nor a salesperson. If you are paying for an outsourced CIO, make sure you are getting someone with good experience, depth of IT knowledge and a solid understanding of your company. You should feel like they are someone on your side of the table, not someone just trying to upsell you things you don’t need.

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Michael McLafferty
Technology Solutions Advisor

Mike graduated from Monmouth University with a communications degree. He has been with Domain Computer Services for two years, successfully advising prospective clients on the IT services their businesses need to succeed. He understands the value of Domain’s technology solutions and the necessity of real IT advice. Mike may be contacted at

virtual CIO vCIO Outsourced Chief Information Officer
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