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A virtual CIO provides expert IT consulting with strategy and support that will give your business the competitive edge in today’s market.

Your technology is only as good as the people who manage it.

Without qualified guidance and strategy, even the most innovative business IT consulting and solutions can only go so far. In today’s technology-dependent world, using the right tools and solutions to optimize your day-to-day operations is critical in keeping your business on the path to success. You need someone willing to learn the ins-and-outs of your company’s environment comprehensively in order to recommend the best possible tools and products for your needs- someone who will proactively assess security, risk, and the alignment of your technology and business needs.

A unique part of our Complete Managed Service package is a dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO. This knowledgeable, experienced engineer will provide your business with project research, disaster recovery plan proposals, annual strategic and budget planning, and regular business reviews to ensure you know exactly what’s going on within your business’s network environment.

You need a long-term IT strategist, helping you make the best decisions for the continued growth and success of your operations. With a dedicated vCIO on your team, you gain peace of mind. You know that your infrastructure is being expertly maintained and that you have proactive technology consulting at your fingertips.

How IT Works

Same Service, Better Price

Not only is vCIO incredibly flexible and able to custom match your business’s needs, it’s also a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CIO. It provides businesses with greater convenience, minimized downtime, and maximized use of all your technology resources.

Tailor Made for You

Your vCIO provides personalized management and support, as well as keeping you updated on the state of your IT environment with regular business reviews. That way, you can focus on the success of your business instead of worrying about your technology.

Keeping You Updated

Of course your vCIO ensures that your environment’s software and hardware are up to date and running at optimal speed, but on top of that, you will have quarterly business reviews to define just how well your technology is performing, keeping you in the know.

Success Story

The Company

A leading specialty chemical supplier with global sourcing and production facilities, over 20 years of experience in the industry under its belt.

This company is not only able to carry and distribute massive inventories of supplies only produced outside of the US, but it can also forecast trends in cost increase and decrease for these products.

The Problem

In the beginning, this company had three offices: one in New York, one in New Jersey, and one in South Carolina. With their supplies rapidly growing in demand, their need for help organizing this rapid expansion grew as well, their reach extending now to international.

With the potential for so many new locations to pop up in far-away places, the supplier needed a high-level service provider to keep all of its goings-on streamlined and manageable.

The Solution

Since hiring Domain over a decade ago, this company has opened up seven remote offices across the country, all of which we’ve personally flown our engineers out to set up. We’ve implemented cloud collaboration file sharing to streamline internal processes, like expense payments and accounts payable, enabling them to overcome the hurdles of communicating between locations and international manufacturers.
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