Getting SaaSy with SECaaS

Cyber security is all about layers and the first one is your firewall. 

Your business is at major risk of cyber-attacks, malware infection, and ransomware. So why not switch on that old firewall you never configured? An astonishingly large group of people will deactivate their firewall shortly after activation. Why, you wonder? Simply because they didn’t understand how to configure its settings, therefore blocking themselves out of important websites, and even their own pages. That’s the equivalent of having a burglar alarm installed in your home, and never activating it when the house is empty. Fortunately for clients of Domain, firewalls are not only configured and updated regularly by our skilled Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) team, but it’s only one component in a whole slew of security measures we take to protect our clients’ technology from being penetrated by a black-hat criminal. We take SECaaS SERiouslY.

Think about SECaaS as a lasagna, with layers and layers of ingredients coming together to create one ultimate dish. On first glance, lasagnas are all very similar; noodles, marinara, cheese, some seasonings. Sure, nearly every Italian restaurant and home-style eatery serves it, but every place has their own secret recipe; and some security lasagna recipes are bigger and better than others. Though similar, no SECaaS provider’s security lasagna is the same.


Our SECaaS solution is actually five protective, cheesy layers deep, covering every base from content filtering to live network monitoring.

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