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Do you have everything you need to work remotely?

Due to COVID-19, many businesses are scrambling to get their employees up and running remotely. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For productivity to not take a dive, here are the tools and applications you will need for a smooth transition. 

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Remote Workplace Solutions



The easiest video conferencing solution on the market. Nothing keeps a remote office culture connected more than easy video conferences from laptops, desktops, tablets or phones. Even your most technically challenged staff will be able to join Zoom meetings. 


Fast, secure remote access to all your office applications over the Internet. Word, Excel, Quickbooks – every application you access in the office available to you at home.




A Virtual Private Network is just like it sounds, it is a virtual connection to your office network over the Internet. It is the foundation upon which other remote access solutions like IP phones and server file access are made possible. VPN also bring a lot of security risk, so make you deploy it responsibly.



Microsoft Teams

Collaborate. Chat. Conference. Microsoft Teams is an all in one tool that makes sure everyone is on the same page. Available through Office 365 and is now offered with a FREE 6 month license!


IP Phones

If nobody is answering your office phones, your business might as well be closed to the outside world. Simply forwarding inbound calls to mobile phones has many limitations, and that’s where IP Phones stand out. They will allow your staff to answer their office extensions and phone numbers from home just like in the office.


Fixes For Common Issues

Whether it be your wifi reliability, a VPN issue, security concerns, or just setting up a webcam, let us know and Domain is on the job! 

Benefits of these Solutions

Stay Connected with Your Team

Communication is key at times like this. Chatting and video conferencing provide excellent ways to know what everyone is working on through out the day, pass on important information, and share the occasional funny meme. 

Access Your Servers.

With immediate remote access to the data and files that you usually have in the office, you won’t feel like you’re working with one hand tied behind your back. This is the best way for the transition to feel seamless and for your clients to see that you haven’t missed a beat.

Maintain Company Culture.

From virtual happy hours to playing games on Microsoft Teams, these tools open the door for your company to boost morale in creative ways. This way everyone is excited to “telecommute” to work every morning.  

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