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Your Perfect Client — Operational Maturity

Let’s pose an easy question for any business to answer:

What does your ideal customer look like?

Typically, you’d describe the perfect client using quantifiable standards; bits of easily gathered information like employee count, location(s), or average revenue. While this may certainly seem like a logical approach, and each attribute definitely appears in those big clients we all want to have, what about the metaphorical side of this question? Sure, having a well-to-do client is nice, but what if their employees are feeling mistreated, or they’re stuck in a rut of old habits and refuse to move their strategies into the twenty-first century?

At Domain, we identify our ideal clients as being Operationally Mature.

Operational Maturity, or OM, refers to the way a company handles itself and its IT; it’s important for our clients to understand that their office tech plays an integral role in their daily operations, and that it directly influences the efficiency and productivity of every part of their organization, from Marketing to Accounting.

Businesses with a high Operational Maturity Level (OML) get IT. Pun intended.
These businesses pay attention to how their office tech is running in all parts of their organization, and they know that having up-to-date tech gives them a great edge over competing businesses with lower OMLs. They know just how important managing their IT is, and they know that Domain cares just as much about their office tech as they do.

Organizations with low OMLs likely don’t see the value in the managed IT services and support that Domain provides. To these clients, IT is something they have to deal with, and they do so begrudgingly or even lazily, resulting in their employees only having the bare minimum quality of office tech they need to do their jobs. Unfortunately, these businesses are more likely to waste a Managed Service Provider’s time (and money) both as prospects and clients; they’re already of the mindset that IT is a pain, so they’re less likely to pursue any services pertaining to it.

Betwixt the two extremes of the OML scale, a third group of businesses hangs in the balance; those who are in a state of knowing their IT operations need improvement, and who are open to learning about our service delivery model and how it can impact their business. This “aspirational” group of businesses want to operate on a higher OML level, and they employ our services in order to take steps towards where they want to be.

Both businesses with high OML and those that are aspirational are the clients we want. So they are the ones we spend our time, energy, and dollars pursuing to make them our customers. We want to see their business succeed, and we know we have the skills and talent to help them do it.

Our personal scale is tailored to work for MSP companies like ourselves, and so our key points of OML measurement won’t necessarily apply as accurately to other types of businesses. You can check out this informative article which serves as our primary resource for OML regarding MSP companies, but it is incredibly useful to any type of business.

Now that you’ve got a bit of background knowledge on Operational Maturity, think back to our original question;

What does your ideal customer look like?

The chart below lists some of the characteristics of companies with extremely high and extremely low OMLs. As these are extremes, your ideal customer may not fit perfectly into either category’s example; meaning they fall into that third “aspirational” group of companies, provided they are looking to take steps to improve themselves.

Use these examples to help you define your ideal client. Once you’ve developed the paradigm of customers for your company to service, we believe you’ll find it much easier to target prospects who fit the bill and are more likely to convert!

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