Are you the IT department and have too many projects on your plate?
Let us help you with outsourcing IT services! We are here to partner with you to make your life easier.
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Success requires delegation, so how about outsourcing IT services to us?

Every day you find yourself knee deep in the weeds of technology trying to keep your business going. Sure, you know what you are doing. IT support is your job. But you wish that you could be free of the mundane IT maintenance and troubleshooting so you can focus on the projects that will drive your company’s future success. Our Co-managed IT Solutions might be just the thing that you need.

Or maybe you lead your company’s internal IT department, but some days it feels like you are awash in a tidal wave of work, and hiring more internal IT staff just doesn’t make sense. We can help. Domain Computer Services is excited to partner with your internal IT department to help you deliver the IT solutions that your company needs to grow and succeed.

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Outsourcing IT services? Here’s what we offer:

  • Only need help with a few things?

    Our service structure allows you to only commit to the services and hours you need.

  • What about those late nights?

    We have a guaranteed response time of 2 hours and after-hours on-call support for the emergencies that you can’t be there for.

  • Constantly putting out fires?

    Stop wasting your time with basic user troubleshooting. Let our helpdesk take care of it for you.

  • Too many things to do in the day?

    Our basic system maintenance and remote monitoring and alerting frees you up to take care of the projects that will move your company forward.

  • Vulnerable network?

    No need to worry. Our specialty is cyber security. We’ve got you covered, securing your system against criminals and providing back up for business continuity.

For Co-Managed IT Solutions that make outsourcing IT services simple will boost your IT department,
contact our sales team at or call (888) 330-8808.

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