Security as a Service

Cyber threats are more prevalent today than ever before, and cyber criminals are becoming less discriminant in what types and sizes of businesses they target. Network security is vital for businesses today.

Firewall Management: A Security Recipe for Success

Security as a Service, or SECaaS, comes in many shapes and sizes, with a solution for every business: no two IT companies have the same SECaaS recipe, depending on what is most effective. At Domain, our SECaaS recipe is five layers of security deep. We manage your network antivirus and malware programs, keep your firewall sturdy and up-to-date, supply email and content filters to help prevent infectious links from making their way to your users’ inboxes, round-the-clock network monitoring, and whitehat social training to teach you and your business’s users how to identify and handle infected emails.

Our premier SECaaS solutions are built on an incredibly sophisticated software called SonicWall. Not only is SonicWall the only firewall provider that offers SECaaS, but Domain Computer Services is one of few certified distributor of the program in the region, making it the highest ranked distributor of SonicWall in Northeastern U.S. If our five-point SECaaS solution didn’t impress you, we know that will.

How IT Works

Stay On Top

Keeping your software and hardware up-to-date is difficult enough when you’re not trying to run the rest of your business. With this network security service, we take care of the heavy lifting for you — we keep your firewalls, antivirus and antimalware software up to date and running at 100% optimization, so your technology environment always stays on top of its game.

Real-Time Monitoring

What good are a bunch of security cameras if no one’s watching the feed? Our team of experts use the most sophisticated monitoring tools on the market to protect, test, and maintain your network in real time. If someone is trying to hack your network, we’ll know about it.

The Human Firewall

Though our email and Internet content filters catch the majority of phishing attempts, there’s always the possibility of an infected email getting through to your team — and if one person on your network clicks open an infected link, your entire environment is suddenly at risk. Using white hat social engineering, we help educate you and your team on how to catch and handle phishing attempts, creating the best front line of network protection: the human firewall.