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Jan. 06, 2017

Updated: Nov. 20, 2018

Merging technology with work relationships

Have you watched this yet? Maybe it came up on your Facebook feed, but you saw it was 15 minutes in length and decided to pass. Or only watched the first 2 minutes and moved on. We actually took the time to watch (most of) it in our Tuesday morning staff meeting this week. It is important, after all, in our social media world of TED Talks and fake news, to not take everything we hear or see at face value.

Simon Sinek spends the first half building his case about the state of millennials. Any time one attempts to describe an entire generation, there are going to be some pretty broad generalizations. So while all of what he says may be true for some millennials all of the time and some of what he says may be true for all millennials some of the time, it is definitely not true for all millennials all of the time. This is incredibly important to remember. Stop to consider the circumstances before passing broad judgments on a millennial.

Second, while millenials are the first generation to grow up entirely immersed in the internet, we all are now. All of our lives have drastically changed in the last few decades at an unprecedented pace because of technology. It is everyone’s responsibility to figure out how to balance this onslaught, not just millennials. We could all use a check on our relationship with our devices.

Finally, it is all well and good to talk about the issues and problems, but what are we going to do to fix it? First, make it to the end of the video! We didn’t in staff meeting, but the end is the best part. Because no matter what generation you belong to, whether you are a millennial just starting out or a baby boomer managing millennials in an internet world you don’t quite understand, Simon Sinek has some great suggestions for building real relationships in the workplace and in life. So watch this video. Then put your phone away and talk to the person next to you.

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