IT Support at its Best: Our Process

IT Support at its Best: Our Process

Feb 28, 2019

Domain’s clients can always rest easy.

When it comes to IT support, you want to make sure you’re in good hands – but what does that necessarily mean? Well, first you have to understand what your business needs. It doesn’t matter if these needs are very little or very large, what matters is that you can pinpoint them. You want to look for an IT provider that can fill in your gaps. That’s the best part about Domain, you tell us what you need and we can adapt our solutions for you. Let Domain provide your thriving team with piece of mind. Our services can be broken down into 4 blocks:
IT Support our process Managed IT Services

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is readily available for your everyday needs. Whether it be a simple password reset to a server outage, we are more than ready to take it on. We are not just techies speaking in JavaScript; we aim to connect with your team in the same way we would talk to our own. Our goal is to prevent these issues from happening over and over, to ensure that your business can run as smoothly as possible.

Centralized Services

Centralized Services are exactly what they sound like: the crucial parts of your IT infrastructure. These things can get easily overlooked, and that’s where we step in. Let us handle your network before the bad guys do. These services include, and are not limited to, monitoring, backing up, and securing your network. And let’s not forget handling your licensing and software.

Network Administrator 

With our Network Administration, you have access to two dedicated senior level engineers- a primary and backup engineer. This guarantees that no matter what, you see the same faces in your office month to month. Whether your issue is onsite and remote, we can be there every step of the way. Managing your network can be a lot more than you expect, especially as a busy and thriving business. Don’t hesitate if you have an IT emergency because these are the types of matters we are trained for.

Chief Information Officers

Before we mentioned IT infrastructure, which you may be well aware of. But what about IT strategy? You want to make sure that your technology and your business are aligned. It is important that your technology is ahead of the game so your business can thrive. You need someone you­­ can trust to handle this, so you can focus on the core goals of your business. And if you’re looking for someone to trust, trust us.

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