Domain Computer Services works as an extension of your team,
providing our clients with smarter business IT solutions, while putting people first.


Our reputation is our wealth and it comes from the trust companies have given us over the last 20 years.

That trust is hard earned and well won. But it doesn’t just come from the services that we provide, as awesome as those are. It comes from the way we execute those services. Trust is a direct result of Domain’s initiative and ownership in making your IT environment the best it can be. Your business becomes our business. We don’t just provide IT solutions, we become a part of your team. We want to see you succeed. And that’s what keeps people coming back to Domain.

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  • We hold ourselves to a very high standard–

    making us a best-in-class IT solutions provider and leaders in the business IT solutions industry.

  • We plan so that you don’t have to–

    preparing for the worst by finding the absolute best ways to protect your business.

  • We are a DINOSAUR–

    but in a good way! We have been doing this since 1997 and have gained a depth of experience that is lacking in many younger companies.

  • We stay ahead of the technology curve–

    carefully studying and evaluating all of the valuable technologies that are relevant to your particular business.

  • We know that we are only as good as the people we hire–

    so we’re very selective. Every hire goes through an extensive screening and interview process before joining the Domain team.

  • We aren’t satisfied with just sort of knowing things–

    we make sure we are experts. Our staff has certifications from Microsoft, SonicWall, HP, Mac, Cisco, just to list a few. You name it, we have it.

Why Domain Computer Services?

Technology is only as good as the people who manage it.

Too many IT solution companies focus on only one thing: technology. Don’t get us wrong, IT is what we do, but it’s not who we are or how we operate. When you work with Domain, you gain more than just a team of tech geeks speaking in a language that you can’t understand.

Our clients consider us part of their team, part of their family, and an extension of their own company. We have a 98% client retention rate over our 19 years in business – because we really care about the work we do and the people we work with.

NY NJ IT Solutions Business IT Solutions Managed IT Solutions


  • We pride ourselves on being personable.

    When you have a question, it’s our job to make sure you understand the answer we’re giving.

  • Our engineers are smart, skilled, and absolute experts at what they do.

    They’re also friendly, funny, and ready to talk to you on a human level.

  • Domain is here to find the right managed IT solutions for your distinct needs.

    We do that by getting to know your business and how you operate.

  • Your business is our business.

    We take pride and ownership in our business which is providing your business with the best business IT solutions out there.

Domain Computer Services Green Fleet

We are doing our part to help the environment.

Domain Computer Services firmly believes in going green. The Workplace Charging Grant Program currently being offered by New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection is giving businesses the opportunity to contribute green energy solutions to their community.

The ‘It Pays to Plug In’ initiative is designed to help encourage more people to drive electric vehicles by increasing access to charging stations in the place their vehicle will be spending a large chunk of the day; outside of their office. We were eager to participate in this program, and are so proud that this is the direction our home state is heading in. Domain has several chargers installed at our building, and they enjoy regular use. And our vehicle of choice for our company’s fleet? The Chevy Volt! We believe in caring for the environment as much as we care for our clients!

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Domain’s Core Values

This is why we are IT rock stars!

Culture is key. Here at Domain Computer Services we understand that the culture of the company directly correlates to the quality of service we provide. If our staff doesn’t feel the love, neither do you. So we are all about building our staff up so that you get the quality of service you deserve from people who know what they are talking about.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to bring you the great service and experts your business needs to succeed. Our wheels are always turning, figuring out the best way to serve you. We’re all about being proactive – from building our team to repairing computers and network support. We know what it takes.

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  • Make IT Right

  • Esprit De Corp

  • Attention To Detail

  • Never Stop Learning

  • Empathy/ Respect/ Accountability/ Integrity

  • Excellence – Exceeding Expectations

Here’s how we build our team.



    We are intentional about spending time as a group doing activities that establish trust between each other. And we have fun while doing it— team lunches, ping pong, basketball, fitness challenges, and more. So when the going gets tough and your business is on the line, our team is strong and cohesive and ready to do whatever it takes.


    Everybody likes to be an expert in something, right? We are always encouraging our engineers to develop their skills. It’s a win-win. They are challenged to grow and learn their craft and you get IT people who are trained in the latest technologies.


    We perfect our processes through constant feedback and communication with our team. We cannot afford to be stagnant in an industry that is rapidly changing. We are always striving to be cutting edge so that you have the best access to the most relevant IT services available.


    Building strong, practical leadership in every team member means better service for you. Plain and simple. We want our team to own it.


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What Makes Domain Different From Other IT Solution Companies?

From initial strategy to ongoing IT support, our team always has your back.

As your IT partner, Domain Computer Services is committed to ensuring that absolutely all of your information technology needs are covered. We are more than just your technology provider – we are an extension of your team.

NY NJ IT Solutions Business IT Solutions Managed IT Solutions

Above all else, we pride ourselves on our strong partnerships and enviable reputation. Our clients simply love us, because we put in the work to forge mutually beneficial relationships that truly last. Don’t you think your team deserves to benefit from working with a group of skilled technicians who want to see you truly thrive?

  • Our process is second to none.

    We’re practically a dinosaur in the IT world, in the best way possible. Domain Computer Services has been working in the industry since it began, watching technology evolve, witnessing new trends and IT solutions, and innovating how we serve you based on the changing cyber landscape.

  • We know what best practices are and how to implement them.

    We know how to research new technologies and deliver secure solutions – and at the end of the day, we know what will give you the best results possible and peace of mind.

  • Our technicians speak in a language that you can understand.

    We’re always eager to find the most secure and effective ways to help your operations succeed.


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