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Avoiding Charity Scams

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic destruction of a record-breaking 50 inches of rain, it can be difficult to know the best way to help. At this stage in disaster relief, financial assistance is the best way to support Houston. But how do you know who to give to and that your money will actually go to the people of Houston?

Taken by Alyssa Schukar for the New York Times at the George R. Brown Center in Downtown Houston

Signs of a Charity Scam

The Federal Trade Commission provides resources on the tactics of charity scams in their articles, Signs of a Charity Scam and The Charity Checklist. The major takeaways: do your research and give to established local organizations to ensure the best use of your funds. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it is common for charities and crowdsource funding to crop up. Even if their intentions are good, they most likely will not have the ability to use your donations effectively.

Hurricane Harvey

Recommended Local Charities by Charity Navigator

These organizations are actively seeking financial donations to meet the immediate needs of the Houston Community and have been verified by Charity Navigator.

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