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Earth Day and Green Technology

Domain’s Green Initiatives

As we celebrate Earth Day, there’s one thing that we’d really like you to know about Domain that you might not expect. We are very passionate about being green with our technologies. From our Chevy Volt fleet to recycling and donating old technologies, Domain takes the time and initiative to be intentional with how we use our technology and dispose of it to minimize our carbon footprint.

We are proud to be doing our part to help the environment.

One initiative is the Workplace Charging Grant Program currently being offered by New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection. It gives businesses the opportunity to contribute green energy solutions to their community.

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The ‘It Pays to Plug In’ initiative is designed to help encourage more people to drive electric vehicles by increasing access to charging stations in the place their vehicle will be spending a large chunk of the day; outside of their office. We were eager to participate in this program, and are so proud that this is the direction our home state is heading in. We have even chosen for our company fleet, the electric car by Chevy, the Volt. Domain has several chargers installed at our building, and they enjoy regular use. We believe in caring for the environment as much as we care for our clients!

Another initiative that we take seriously is making sure that old technology doesn’t just end up in the dumpster. You’ll regularly find an impressive tower of old hardware in our warehouse from our clients. As part of our services, we offer technology recycling including the wiping of old hard drives. Once the hard drives have been wiped, we’re able to donate it to local charities. One of our regular recipients has been HomeFront and most recently, we’ve added The Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County.

Here’s the exciting thing about the donations to The Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County. Not only will the technology be re-used instead of just recycled, the high school students involved with the Boys and Girls Club are going to be the ones fixing it up. So not only does the technology not go to waste, but students are getting hands-on experience, learning valuable practical skills.

As businesses and community members, we all have a responsibility to take care of the world we share. So on this Earth Day, Domain wants to challenge you to find different ways to make the world a little greener.

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