Domain Travels

Domain Travels

This past year, we noticed that our employees had been traveling to a ton of cool places. As the summer comes to a close, we decided to gather all of their vacation stories and share the adventures everyone has been on!

Where have they been?

Anthony, Kris, Raj, & Rashaad, Colorado

A few members of our team went to IT Nation Evolve in Colorado. While they were there, they went to Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in North America!

Adel, Maine

“My husband and I spent a few days at our friends’ place in Maine. From Acadia National Park to kayaking, we saw some really beautiful views!”

Brianna, Iceland

“I went to Iceland for a week in July. We rented a car and drove all over. I hiked up to a natural hot spring, went to one of the world’s only geothermal breweries, and saw tons of waterfalls!”

Claire, London & Paris

“Ate a lot, saw a lot, walked a lot. Fun fact: that picture isn’t of a strawberry – it’s a strawberry raspberry hybrid fruit.”

Denia, Dubai

“In Dubai I went into the red dessert to go ATVing and on a Desert Safari which is basically like a sand rollercoaster in a Jeep Wrangler. I also went to the Dubai mall and visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and went to the 125th floor.”

Jacob, Road Trip

“I went on a road trip / cross country rally called the ’24 Hours of Lemons Rally’! The objective is to try and hit as many predetermined check points across the country as you travel 400 – 600 miles a day. The catch is you have to do it in the worst / most “absurd” car possible. We took our “Lemon” a 1976 Plymouth Valiant from Scranton, PA to Birmingham, AL and back over the course of a week. It was an exciting and crazy journey.”

Julia, Bermuda

“I took a cruise to Bermuda. While I was there I explored the boat and island, went snorkeling on a luxury catamaran, shopping, rode jet skis, and went to the famous Horseshoe Bay beach!”

Kevin, The Bahamas

“In March my girlfriend and I took a cruise to the Bahamas. We had fun spending some quality time together and getting some r&r. Luckily, this cruise ship was the size of a small city and made me forget my fear of the open ocean.  Another destination conquered and memory made!”

Matt, Vermont

“Hiked Mt. Mansfield which is the tallest mountain in Vermont and one of the tallest on the east coast at 4500+ft above sea level. Took a triple black diamond trail up Hell Brook which includes 30ft vertical rock climbing without tethers. I believe it took us around 6 hours total to complete up and back down.”

Manny, Wildwood

“This summer, my family took a trip to Wildwood where we got to see dolphins. We also took a trip to the Trenton airport to see of the only B29 Bombers still flying named ‘FIFI.’”

Melina, Portugal

“I went to Portugal with my fiancé, André, to visit family and check out some of the cool places in the tiny country of Portugal. There’s so much packed into that country! One really cool place was Portugal dos Pequenitos which translates to ‘Portugal of the Little Ones.’ It is park filled with miniature houses and monuments from different areas throughout Portugal and their colonies. The picture is of one of the monuments.”

Rashaad & Michelle, Italy & France

“We experienced the hottest day on record in the history of Paris!”

Rob, Jamaica

“My wife and I spent our 10-year anniversary in Jamaica.”

Tyler, Spain

“This past July me and my family took a long-awaited trip to Madrid, Spain. For 9 days we explored Madrid, toured castles, and of course, ate great food. This was my first time traveling to Europe but it definitely won’t be my last.”