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May 8, 2020

It’s already May and it’s safe to say that we’ve all grown used to being quarantined for now. Even so, there are still people around the world that are seeing the negative effects of COVID-19 first hand. Instead of standing by and watching things get worse, some of the Domain team have made a concentrated effort to help in the fight against this pandemic. Here are a few that have stepped up in their own unique ways.  


UVC Light Sanatizers.  

Our CEO, Rashaad Bajwaand his son Max, recently made a video tutorial on how to make a homemade UVC Light Sanitzer to sanitize Personal Protective Equipment (N95 masks, etc). Made using parts purchased on Ebay and Amazon for a total of $25, these sanitizers will be donated to local hospitals and nursing homes. Check out their video if you would like to make one yourself help and your local community!


Save The Summer Stickers.

Do you like stickers? Well this would be a great time to get some. Brianna Hellrigel, one of our very talented Digital Marketing Specialists, has her own business called SoBreezy Design. As a way to bring awareness to the importance of staying safe at home (even though it can be difficult for some), she designed stickers with the slogan: “Save The Summer, Stay Home.” For this special edition sticker, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the NJ Pandemic Relief Fund. So far she’s donated $200! If you’re interested in decorating your laptop with some cool stickers while at the same time helping out New Jersey, checkout her Etsy page!

Grocery Shopping For Those Who Can’t.

Adel Strauss, our Director of Marketing, and her husband Josh are making an effort to help out their local community. Their church has partnered with North Brunswick Township to help out individuals who can’t go out shopping and families in need of food. They go shopping about once a week for a woman named Mildred and drop off the groceries at the senior housing complex where she lives. Mildred writes out the list and sends them the picture via text message, they pick up her credit card, and do the shopping. They’ve also put together boxes of food, with basics like dry goods and fresh food, so people can drop them off at homes where they know there is a need. Below is Mildred’s very detailed shopping list that is sent over to Adel and Josh.

Homemade Masks.

Why buy masks when you can make your own? Our own Rob Rossi and his wife have been making their own stylish masks to give out to their family, take a look at some of their work below!

Learn more about the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and how to donate.

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