The Cyber Security Approach

Cybercrime obstructs organizations worldwide. It’s no longer just your IT problem – it’s the biggest threat to your organization’s reputation, data and business continuity. There’s no one solution that will guarantee protection. That’s why ours has layers.

Unified Threat Management

With Domain, a proactive defense increases your organization’s protection and resilience against threats. It lets you react faster to potential attacks and identify and remediate the gaps.

Where do you stand in the cyber security matrix? In an evolving landscape where the perimeter is nearly non-existent, adopting a proactive cyber security approach is key to your organization regaining control. Doing so will stop attacks dead in their tracks.

With Domain, implementing a strategy built on proactive network security not only provides the best defense, it also gives you the most cost-effective way to carry out cyber security. Proactive cyber security is a better way to manage your operations and make cyber-attacks less costly for you and costlier for attackers.

Partner with us to discover risk before risk finds you.

Cyber Threat Asessment

Vulnerability Scanning

Penetration Testing

Security Awareness Training

Cyber Threat Assessments uncover vulnerabilities within your organization, which are then matched against real-world cyber attacks.
Vulnerability scans are performed by automated tools with the goal of checking for known software vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
A Penetration Test is a simulated cyber attack on your network to check for exploitable vulnerabilities, performed by third-party vendors who are unfamiliar with your network.
Security Awareness Training service uses a social engineering platform to test, benchmark and train your employee base against common data security threats.

The Latest on Cyber Security Challenges and Solutions

Cyber Attack Prevention

The complexity and sophistication of ransomware attacks continue to rise.We've seen a dramatic increase in people reaching out to us in the last few weeks because of attacks that their current IT Service Provider couldn’t handle. But even more dangerously, we’re...

Do You Really Need A Penetration Test?

Do you really need a Penetration Test? The short answer is no. Well first off, what is a penetration test anyway? You might’ve heard that this is the best way to detect any vulnerabilities that you may have, but actually, that’s not the case. Let’s dive into some of the downsides of doing a pen test.