Discover how the cloud can securely work for you with our own cloud storage services.

  • We can host an entire server environment or only certain applications – our services are tailored to your needs.
  • Access contacts, applications, documents, calendars, and so much more from any device regardless of your location.
  • Benefit from reduced operating costs thanks to no hardware repairs or maintenance while still remaining secure.

The freedom, convenience, and security you’ve been longing for.

Domain Computer Services will never just set you up with generic cloud services and then disappear. When it comes to the cloud, we plan strategically for your future, ensuring that your team is utilizing the right tools to increase productivity and reduce the risk of disruption to your workflow. We also understand that the cloud is not intended for all business use and will help you determine the best use of the cloud for your business. Most importantly, cloud security is a high priority. Your information will be safe with us.

We know that the cloud is not always heaven. Moving all of your data to the cloud will not rid you of all IT disasters. Just because your information is not stored in a physical server that you can touch doesn’t mean it isn’t stored in a physical server somewhere. Click here to read an article written by Domain’s President and CEO, Rashaad Bajwa about why you still need an IT guy even if all your data is in the cloud.

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The cloud does provide convenient flexibility that allows our team to customize it for your business needs. From mobility to communication to protection, the cloud helps you exceed goals and maximize your IT investment. Plus, you can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data and applications are securely backed up and easily accessible no matter what type of disaster hits your office.

For Cloud Storage and Solutions that are tailored to your business’s needs,
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