Centralized Services

Whether you know it or not, your business network is at risk of collapse. Be prepared for the unpredictable.

Secure your network and back up your data before crisis strikes, not after you see what crisis can do.

Fact: disasters aren’t once-in-a-lifetime events. There’s a massive number of circumstances that can negatively affect your normal workflow on a monumental scale — it doesn’t have to be the next Hurricane Sandy to cause mayhem in your company. One click of a bad link in a phishing email can lead to a total network shutdown by heavy-duty ransomware. Including Backup/Disaster Recovery planning, Security as a Service, and Patching and Network Monitoring services, you’ll have a team of 45 expert engineers working to optimize your IT environment at a rate you can afford.

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From simple human error to massive ransomware break-ins, there are hundreds of disruptions that can threaten your business’s productivity and reputation. Being proactive and having a Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan as well as reliable support services from your IT company have the potential to keep you afloat when the water gets rough.

Our premier SECaaS solutions are built on an incredibly sophisticated software called SonicWall. Not only is SonicWall the only firewall provider that offers SECaaS, but Domain Computer Services is the only certified distributor of the program in the region, making it the highest ranked distributor of SonicWall in Northeastern U.S. If our five-point SECaaS solution didn’t impress you, we know that will.

Ignoring that “update and reboot computer” notification is a lot more detrimental to your cybersecurity than it seems to be. We provide your critical systems and services with round-the-clock monitoring, patching your system and preventing break-ins in real time and keeping a keen eye on common penetration points relating to uptime and productivity that can take down your network.

Risky Business: Defining 3rd Party Vendor Risk

Hiring third-party vendors to provide services at an affordable rate has gained traction as a major trend among businesses, and exponentially so for businesses in need of IT support. Here’s the catch: “risk” is a pretty broad umbrella term, with no two vendors or regulators defining risk in the same way. To effectively create assessments for third-party vendors, let’s break “risk” down.