Managed IT Services

Tired of the same old IT issues? With our Managed IT Services, you’ll get our IT team to solve your immediate problems, prevent recurring issues, and plan for the future of your business’ technology. Your network is about to take a dramatic turn for the best.

When it comes to your business, your employees are your number one investment – so give them the support they need.

Whether it’s comprised of 5 or 105 members, in order for your team to stay on top of their game, you need to ensure their office technology is fast and functioning at full capacity.

Our Complete Managed Services package provides your team with the crème-de-la-crème of our business IT solutions and cybersecurity services, providing your team not only with a reliable service desk and proactive centralized services but with at least two dedicated network administrators and your very own virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) as well. We help you plan, budget for, and implement new strategies and devices to give your business’s network a major boost in security and efficiency — it’s like having an entire IT department without all the hassle!

We’re submitting tickets for the same thing ALL THE TIME!

Strategy? We could definitely use some of that.


I don’t know if my backup or firewall are working.

We never have a tech come to our office to help my team.

We’re submitting tickets for the same thing ALL THE TIME! Find out more about our Service Desk.

I don’t know if my backup or firewall are working. Check out our Centralized Services.

We never have a tech come to our office to help my team. Learn how our Network Administration is different.

Strategy? We could definitely use some of that. Discover the wonders of your very own Chief Information Officer.

Success Story

The Company

Specializing in complex commercial litigation for over two decades, this recognized leader in the legal field originally became a client of Domain since 2006 for basic break-fix IT support.

Since then, this firm has expanded its offices to fill locations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas, even extending its services past these state borders via the American Bar Association’s multi-jurisdictional rules.

The Problem

As their business grew and spread to new and further reaches, so did their technological needs. Keeping multiple locations’ data synchronized is difficult, and as the firm’s attorney count and areas of practice expanded, it began filling up their website.

With a newfound need for backups of their data and website as well as implementation of data and cyber security management across all of their locations, they decided to trust Domain to provide them with IT services at a more complete level.

The Solution

With Domain’s 360° network security and IT support, this firm was able to mobilize their workforce with more flexible remote work options, implement a high-end backup disaster recovery solution including local server replication and a warm site, and take advantage of a slew of industry best practices and security softwears, including multifactor authentication and TimeMatters.

Making the Big Switch

We recognize changing IT providers is a BIG DEAL. They know everything about your business and then some. Who knows how they’ve set up your environment? You sure don’t. That’s why we have an entire process for how we handle the transition, including an audit to make sure you know exactly where you stand right now. It’s our goal to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. If you have more questions, make sure to check out our FAQ page.

In the Strategy Meeting, you get to know us and we dive deeper into your current setup and your future goals in order to provide a preliminary solution and estimate.

For the Technology Gap
the engineering
team takes a deep dive
into your current setup to assess infrastructure and detect vulnerabilities to provide a comprehensive solution.

At the Solutions Presentation, we review the audit results in full with suggestions to improve your technology environment. A final price and contract is provided with your start date.

With the Q&A meeting, we give your executive team the appropriate amount of time to discuss what we presented at the technology audit and gather questions, concerns, or misunderstandings and resolve them during this time.

For the Kick-Off Meeting, we will introduce you to your new IT department. Domain will provide clarity on how to obtain support and initial project engagement.


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