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Bridging the Education Gap

The Education Gap is a hot topic today and for good reason. The price of a four year degree continues to rise. Student debt burdens our young workforce. Starting wages rarely equal the price tag graduates paid for the degree. Employers find graduates ill-equipped for the work of the “real world”. Entire industries like education, health services, and business and financial services report a negative job gap, meaning there are more job openings than number of hires. Meanwhile the unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds continues to struggle to recover despite the improvement of the national average. As our country continues to wrestle with these issues and many others surrounding the education and employment of the future generations, we at Domain decided to do something about it.

All too often, complex, national issues such as educational costs, lack of training and unemployment are left to large corporations and government institutions to solve. They have the money, the manpower, and the influence to affect change.

But CEO/President of Domain, Rashaad Bajwa,
sees things differently.

Instead of looking for change to come from the top down, he is using Domain’s local influence as a small business to promote grassroots change in the Mercer County community.

Domain Tech Academy Education Gap

That’s where The Domain Tech Academy at Mercer County Community College comes in. In partnership with Dr. Jianping Wang at MCCC, Domain is rolling out a network cabling training and certification and a Network Engineering Technology program through the community college. You can read more about it here in the New Jersey Business Magazine’s March 2017 Issue on “Training NJ’s Workforce”. The Domain Tech Academy@MCCC serves a threefold purpose. First, it gives students access to on-the-job training that they would not otherwise have while being paid, easing the financial burden of education. Second, it allows Domain to train for our own negative job gap as well as the business technology industry as a whole. Third, we are able to provide businesses with IT support at unbeatable rates, keeping our business local. Everybody wins.

You can find out more about The Domain Tech Academy at MCCC and other workforce development efforts in New Jersey at NJBIA’s event, The Education Equation – Strategies for Retaining New Jersey’s Future Workforce. Exciting things are happening in the local workforce.

Come join the change!

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